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Contemporary Culture and Media in Asia

Edited by Daniel Black, Olivia Khoo, and Koichi Iwabuchi

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Brings together leading and emerging scholars from Asia, North America and Australia to develop new perspectives on the key issues in contemporary Asian cultural and media studies.

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The study of Asian culture, media and communications is an area that has developed rapidly over the past two decades. This rapid development has led to the deployment of diverse scholarly approaches while simultaneously raising important questions regarding the extent to which the use of key terms such as “nation”, “citizenship” and “modernity” must be modified to reflect the specificity of an Asian context. Furthermore, the irrepressible flows of popular cultural forms and the enthusiastic adoption of new communications technologies across the region demand approaches that can accommodate the dynamism and diversity of Asian culture and media.

Contemporary Culture and Media in Asia brings together leading scholars from Asia, North America and Australia to address questions related to these challenges, producing new insights and frameworks that can be productively utilized by students and scholars working in the field.

Introduction: A Trans-Asia Approach to Cultural and Media Studies / Part I: Topography of Trans-Asia 1. A Postcolonial Amnesia, Ariel Heryanto / 2. Hollywood North, Asiawood West: Vancouver as a Transpacific Film Location / / 3. The Yellow Pacific: East Asian Pop Culture and East Asian Modernities, Younghan Cho, Helen Hok-Sze Leung / Part II: Media and Muslim Cultures / 4. Who wants to be a (Muslim) Millionaire? Motivation, Modernity and the Power of Positive Narratives in Contemporary Indonesia, Meg Downes / 5. Modern Manuals and Islamic Inspiration: Negotiating modernity in Malaysian Islamic-themed cinema, Leonie Schmidt / 6. Re-embedding Media Trajectories of the Islamic Resurgence, Julian Millie Part III: Cultural Politics Across Borders: Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality / 7. Desiring the Mainstream/Enchantment as Tactic (of Recognition): Minority Visuality in Hong Kong South Asian Youth’s Short Films, Lisa Leung Yuk-ming / 8. ‘Long Live Cuteness’: S.H.E.’s ‘Girl Power’ and the Negotiations with Nationalisms in ‘Pop Culture China, Irene Yang Fang-Chih and Liew Kai Khiun / 9. Picturing Queer India(s), Shalmalee Palekar / Part IV: Digital Media and Social Action / 10. A Portrait of the Creative Worker as a Young Economic Man: Digital Creative Labour in South Korea, Yeran Kim / 11. The Political Styles of Online Activism in China, Guobin Yang and Wei Wang / 12. Media, Place, Sociality and National Publics: Chinese International Students in Translocal Networks, Fran Martin / Afterword, John N. Erni / Index

Daniel Black is a Lecturer in Communications and Media Studies at Monash University.

Olivia Khoo is a Senior Lecturer in Film and Screen Studies at Monash University.

Koichi Iwabuchi is Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at Monash University.

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1 Review

This volume brings together a refreshing set of chapters focusing on the diverse and dynamic landscape of contemporary Asian media and culture. Adopting what the editors call a ‘trans-Asian’ approach and adopting an expansive notion of ‘Asia’ that extends beyond discrete nation-states and conventional regional boundaries, the volume is testimony to the coming into maturity of Asian and Asian-diasporic scholarship in the field.

Ien Ang, Distinguished Professor of Cultural Studies, Western Sydney University

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