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Conflict Intervention and Transformation

Conflict Intervention and Transformation

Theory and Practice

Edited by Ho-Won Jeong

Publication Date: Mar 2019

Pages 222

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This book is aimed at both professionals and students who desire to deepen their understanding of the processes involved in conflict intervention and resolution effectively. Reflecting on multi-disciplinary traditions, it throws new light on discursive processes that facilitate or hamper a dialogue, essential for conflict transformation. The book covers a broad range of topics and themes for those studying introductory and advanced level courses on conflict resolution, including the principles of intervention, prevention of violence, local practice of peacemaking, identify politics and conditions for conflict resolution as well as peace negotiation.

While comprehensive in scope, this edited volume’s main theme is a transformation of inter-group dynamics as well as the process for conflict resolution. It gives a systematic coverage of ways people try to overcome the limitations of the existing approaches to conflict management and peacemaking.
1. Introduction: Conceptual and Empirical Issues, Howon Jeong / Part I: Discursive Practice / 2. Normal Peace: A New Strategic Narrative of Intervention, Nicolas Lemay-Hébert and Gëzim Visoka / 3. From Buzzword to Broadened Analysis: Civil Society in Focus, Sara Hellmüller / Part II: Peace Negotiations / 4. International Law – Unrest in Peace?: Navigating the inclusivity-exclusivity continuum of peace negotiations, Philipp Kastner / 5. Feminist Perspectives for Conflict Transformation: A Dayton in Damascus, Allison McCulloch and Siobhan Byrne / Part III: Identity, Space and Peacemaking / 6. Taking Narratives on Identity-Based Conflicts Seriously, Jeylan Wolyie Hussein / 7. Youth Spaces in Haunted Places: Placemaking for Peacebuilding in Theory and Practice, Siobhan McEvoy-Levy / Part IV: Transforming Identity Conflict / 8. Managing Conflicts Across Cultures: Challenges to Practitioners, Christopher A. Leeds / 9. Transforming Islamic-Western Identity Conflict: A Framework for Strategic Engagement, Nathan C. Funk / 10. Moving Forward and Looking Backward, Ho-Won Jeong
Conflict Intervention and Transformation is an important new and critical text within Peace and Conflict Studies. Ho-Won Jeong does an excellent job of focusing the text with a number of important scholars writing chapters on discursive practices, peace negotiations, and identity and space in conflict transformation. This textbook will be used in graduate seminars and will be well read by scholars and policymakers interested in how to transform conflicts constructively.
Sean Byrne, PACS, University of Manitoba
This book presents a great combination of innovative theoretical applications and context specific empirical analysis. Its broad range of topics is held together by the common themes of conflict transformation, inclusivity and exclusivity, and the role of civil society, making it an essential read for anyone who wants to understand and promote peace.
Patrik Johansson, Senior Lecturer in Political Science, Umeå University, Sweden
This timely and innovative volume systematically explores the contribution of discursive practice at the interface of peacemaking and the sustainable transformation of entrenched conflict dynamics. Presenting new approaches to enhancing the inclusion of alternative and marginalized voices, it provides a key resource for both scholars and practitioners seeking to tackle seemingly intractable conflict systems.
Andrea Warnecke, Marie Curie Research Fellow, Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth University
The subject of conflict management is one of dynamism and therefore characterized by change, continuity, adaptation to new realities, and continuous revisiting by scholars of peace studies. This edited volume captures all of these characteristics and make it a holistic and rigorous analysis of the subject and therefore the most comprehensive to date. The approach used in the volume is well structured, coherent, and engaging. It is a must read for upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, and practitioners of peacemaking and peacebuilding.
Earl Conteh-Morgan, Professor of International Studies, University of South Florida
Using a variety of theoretical perspectives and cases ranging from Colombia and Bosnia to Syria, Conflict Management and Transformation provides a fascinating account of the complexity of contemporary conflict transformation and resolution. The authors offer a detailed and compelling examination of how to deal with the challenges of transforming intractable conflicts and promoting sustainable and inclusive peace. Particularly relevant to both students and practitioners of peacebuilding will be its focus on how to promote greater inclusion in peace processes of often marginalised actors such as women and youth.
Ana E. Juncos, Reader in European Politics, University of Bristol
Ho-Won Jeong is Senior Editor of International Journal of Peace Studies.

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