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In this important book, international scholars from many disciplines and areas of life engage in Gordon’s work to prod, rattle and rethink our thinking to inform and change our practices as humans in institutions, politics, and the personal, legal and social paradigms. The book focuses on the importance of radical theory and thinkers to push for projects of change in the area of Black Existentialism. Gordon’s now extensive oeuvre personifies this. The essays use the work of Lewis Gordon to demonstrate how theory and thought be can used for transformation of existence, antiracism and critiques of alterity, resistance, pedagogy, political action theory and disciplinary decadence in the academy and beyond.
danielle davis / 1. Towards a Radical Humanities, Nigel C. Gibson / 2. Against Bad Faith, for Living Thought: Towards a Pedagogy of Absences, Conflict and Emergences, Julia Suarez-Krabbe / 3. Consideration on the Theoretical Dimension of Lewis Ricardo Gordon’s Thought for Brazilian Intellectual Production, Rosemere Ferreira / 4. Sociotelic Reflections on Lewis Gordon’s Anticolonial Imagination, Walter R. Isaac / 5. The Revolutionary Language of Black Existentialism, Devon R. Johnson / 6. The Transformative Power of Lewis Gordon’s Africana Philosophy in Mandela’s House, Mabogo More / 7. Gordon and Feminism, Lisa M. Anderson / 8. I Can’t Quite Put My Finger On It: Racism’s Touch, Shirley Tate / 9. Lewis Gordon: Existential Incantations that Cross Borders and Move Us Forward, Catherine Walsh / 10. Plural Racial Ontologies, danielle davis / 11. A Phenomenological and Psychodynamic Reflection on Freedom and Oppression Following the Guiding Thread of Lewis Gordon’s Existential Phenomenology of Oppression, Marilyn Nissim-Sabat / 12. Lewis Gordon’s Existential Cartography, Molefi K. Asante / Dwelling Otherwise: A Conversation with Lewis Gordon and Sara Ahmed / Bibliography / Index
danielle davis has held tenured lectureships at the University of New South Wales and University of Technology, Queensland in Australia. She is currently a Research Fellow at the University of New England in Australia.

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