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Beyond Neoliberalism, Nationalism and Socialism

Beyond Neoliberalism, Nationalism and Socialism

Rethinking the Boundary Between State and Market

Edited by Thomas Aubrey

Publication Date: Jun 2017

Pages 150

Policy Network

Paperback 9781786604774
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The stunning political upheavals witnessed across the western world over the past year have raised the question of whether the neoliberal economic system that has dominated since the 1980s is about to unravel.

During the 1930s, when liberalism last came under attack, two distinct ideologies offered hope to the disaffected in society: socialism and populism based along national lines. Neither turned out particularly well.

This collected volume asks whether there might now be another way to reform our economic system to drive inclusive growth without having to return to the failed ideologies of the 20th century.
It explores the prospect of a political outlook that believes in harnessing the dynamic power of markets, but one that also recognises that markets fail more frequently than some would like us to believe.

Such a rethink of our political economy is critical if society is to rebuild its faith in public and private sector institutions, and to prevent extremism emerging once more.

About the Centre for Progressive Capitalism / About the Contributors / Introduction, Thomas Aubrey / A disenchanted electorate / Beyond immigration: The search for policy responses to the populist surge must look to infrastructure and education, Andrew Cooper / Time to concede on free movement? Examining the reality of free movement of workers, Vince Cable / The morning after the night before: What does Brexit mean for British identity?, Stephen Green / The failure of neo-liberalism / Partners for a new kind of growth: Progressive politicians must come together with business and trade unions to build an economy of purpose, Stephen Kinnock / What is the role of the state in the economy? Progressive capitalism and a look beyond the third way, David Sainsbury / A broken system: Why has neoliberalism failed to produce inclusive growth?, Andrew Gamble / Representing needs: A new language for politics and economics, Lawrence Hamilton / The end of laissez-faire: Advancing the national economic interest, Patrick Diamond / The market doesn’t always work / Fixing the housing market: Is the act of government building houses enough?, Kate Barker / Funding the future: The importance of equity capital in financing jobs and firms, Jenny Tooth / In demand: How can we plug Britain’s technical skills gap?, Alastair Reed / The governance gap / Companies and the common good: Harmonising the aims of firms and society, Sharon Bowles / Reinvigorating governance: Institutional shareholders should step up to the challenge of holding executives to account, John Plender / The pensions problem: Time to face uncomfortable truths and make different choices?, Dina Medland

Thomas Aubrey is a senior adviser at Policy Network and chief executive and founder of Credit Capital Advisory.

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