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Periodicals and the Formation of Critical and Cultural Theory in Canada

By Gary Genosko and Kristina Marcellus

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Offers an original analysis of the role of journals in the institutionalization of critical and cultural theory in Canada and the USA.

Hardback ISBN: 9781786611956 Release date: Jun 2019
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Ebook ISBN: 9781786611963 Release date: Jun 2019
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Using independent critical and cultural theory journals that cross the Canada/US border as key examples, this book shows how to interpret the original practices of periodicals by tracing editorial diasporas and transitions to electronic publishing.

Back Issues explains the role of independent theory journals in the institutional formation of critical theory and cultural studies in Canada and the US by focusing on two seminal publications, Paul Piccone’s Telos and Arthur Kroker’s Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory. Editorial transits across the international border figure largely, as do founding conferences, interpersonal flare-ups, and the conviviality of academic communities and pre-gentrified urban bohemias. Both commensurable and incommensurable relationships between journal projects are analysed, and a hitherto unwritten history of critical and cultural theory in Canada is broached.



Chapter 1 Waterloo: Cradle of Canadian Telos

Chapter 2 Toronto: Crucible of Telos Groups

Chapter 3 Vancouver: Invasion of the Telosians

Chapter 4 Tokyo-New York-Toronto: Transversal Telosian

Chapter 5 Folded: Requiems for the Deceased, Defunct and Disbanded

Chapter 6 Across Desks, Borders, and Languages: CJPST, Montréal Telos, and Blame Canada Syndrome

Chapter 7 A Magazine in the Magazine: The Other Explorations

Chapter 8 From the Supplement to the Peripheral: McLuhan’s Dew-Line Newsletter



Gary Genosko is professor of Communication and Digital Media Studies at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

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2 Reviews

Back Issues brings to light a fascinating, if forgotten, history of the development of critical theory. Genosko and Marcellus do a marvelous job tracing out the lines of transversal communication and collaboration, from Toronto to New York, that underpin and make possible important shifts in media and cultural theory.

Stevphen Shukaitis, Senior Lecturer in Culture and Organization, University of Essex

Genosko’s witty and engaging account of the lives of critical and cultural theory journals, institutions, events and practitioners addresses an important and largely unexamined dimension of intellectual history. Its fine-grained analysis of the multiple forces at play in these periodicals is an exemplary study in Guattari’s transversality that will interest readers across a number of disciplines. An essential contribution.

Ronald Bogue, Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature, University of Georgia

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