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A Political Sociology of Transnational Europe

A Political Sociology of Transnational Europe

Edited by Niilo Kauppi

Publication Date: Feb 2013

Pages 298

Hardback 9781907301346
Paperback 9781907301858
Globalisation and complex Europeanisation are two significant challenges currently influencing the restructure of the European nation-state, and redefining political power. For this volume, first-rate European scholars look at the consequences of these and other challenges faced by European societies. Contributions revisit traditional objects of political science – state sovereignty, civil society and citizenship – mixing sophisticated empirical analyses with methodological and conceptual innovations including field theory, multiple correspondence analysis, and the study of space sets. Combining qualitative and quantitative research techniques, and macro- and micro-levels, chapters have in common a contextual analysis of politics through scrutiny of configurations of groups, representations and perceptions. A transnational perspective is the common thread linking every study in this volume, which seeks to avoid methodological nationalism.

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