Rowman and Littlefield International

Against “Responsibility”

Frieder Vogelmann, author of RLI title 'The Spell of Responsibility', explains how large parts of philosophy have fallen under responsibility’s spell and why he uses a Foucauldian approach in an attempt to break it.
Published on Thursday 15 Feb 2018

The Kuhnian Image of Science: Time for a Decisive Transformation?

Moti Mizrahi introduces the central questions and concerns of the recently published RLI title, 'The Kuhnian Image of Science', of which he is editor.
Published on Thursday 08 Feb 2018

Literary Thickness and Moral Thickness

Through close consideration of Richard Laurie's The Autobiography of Joseph Stalin: A Novel, Rafe McGregor concisely defines and explains his understanding of 'literary thickness' before considering this concept's relationship with Bernard Williams' 'moral thickness'.
Published on Tuesday 06 Feb 2018

Thinking about Aesthetic Violence: The Case of Bonnie and Clyde

Considering the Hollywood classic, Bonnie and Clyde, Robert Appelbaum explores the advent of violence in American cinema and the ensuing debate on whether one can correlate the relationship between violence and art.
Published on Tuesday 23 Jan 2018

Podcasting Reason: Saudi Teens Promote Critical Thinking Online

Guest blog from Joseph Braude, author of Rowman & Littlefield book, Broadcasting Change: Arabic Media as a Catalyst for Liberalism
Published on Friday 15 Dec 2017

Günther Anders, Smart Technology and the Rise of Promethean Shame

Prometheanism makes one of Anders’ key texts – the substantial essay ‘On Promethean Shame’, first published in The Obsolescence of Human Beings Vol 1 (1956), available in English for the first time. Building on this, it mobilises Anders' mode of thinking to discuss how our reliance on increasingly capable machines often embarrassingly exposes the bodily, cognitive and emotional limitations that shape, what Hannah Arendt, Anders’s first wife, called ‘the Human Condition’.
Published on Wednesday 13 Dec 2017

Labour Law and Social Justice: New Beginnings

Brett Heino is author of Regulation Theory and Australian Capitalism: Rethinking Social Justice and Labour Law
Published on Wednesday 06 Dec 2017

Marketing & Publicity Assistant Vacancy

Are you a recent graduate interested in marketing at an international publisher? We are seeking a Marketing & Publicity Assistant to join our busy London team.
Published on Wednesday 06 Dec 2017

Just Liberal Violence: Sweatshops, Torture, War

Is it okay to exploit people in sweatshops if doing so prevents them from having to scavenge on trash dumps in order to make a living? Should we torture evil, bomb-planting villains as a necessary means to save people from being blown up? Can it sometimes be right to wage war in order to prevent innocents from being killed by some evil aggressor?
Published on Wednesday 29 Nov 2017

Decolonization Matters

By Lewis R. Gordon, editor of Geopolitics and Decolinization: Perspectives from the Global South, and Journeys in Caribbean Though: The Paget Henry Reader
Published on Saturday 04 Nov 2017