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Why Social Movements Matter

Social movements driven from below are at the centre of significant change throughout history. Yet the popular images of these movements (and the communities that drive them) are often shaped by the filters of industries such as politics, journalism and academia, with cultures that are incompatible with the grassroots nature of social movements. In today’s world, a serious theory and understanding of social change is more relevant than ever if we are to ask questions about how the crises and suffering of the world can be overcome, and what kinds of social agency are capable of doing so.
Published on Wednesday 09 Jan 2019

Strangely Content-less: The Necropolitical Grind

Overt killing, although atrocious, is unambiguous. Letting die, however, a phenomena that may have economic, social, psychological, or physical death as a result, is notoriously difficult to define, and therefore, also to address. One reason for this is that letting die comprises denigration, neglect, abandonment, the taciturn condoning of harmful practices and invisible, structural violence. First coined by Johann Galtung, structural violence is indirect and diffuse. It is particular to as institutions and networks, where there is no single perpetrator and no easily identifiable act of violence.
Published on Friday 14 Dec 2018

Belonging Under Threat: What You Need to Know About Denaturalization

In a time when books are being written about post-truth politics, paying attention to the place of emotions in the establishment of rights is more important than ever. Questions of belonging and repression are not likely to disappear. Yet it is possible to develop a better understanding of where our ways of repressing come from, as well as of the history behind repressive laws – including denaturalization.
Published on Thursday 06 Dec 2018

A South African Philosopher’s Intellectual and Political Journey

Lewis R. Gordon reflects on the work of one of South Africa’s greatest living philosophers, Mabogo Percy More.
Published on Wednesday 05 Dec 2018

Wartime Sexual Violence Against Men: The Hidden Face of Warfare

No longer described as a corollary of war, wartime sexual violence is now rightly understood to be a significant feature of many contemporary conflicts and wars. It is among the most studied types of violence, and lies at the core of numerous United Nations Security Council resolutions, and of thousands of NGO reports and academic publications. However, agreeing upon what wartime sexual violence exactly is, and who are its targets and its perpetrators, is not as easy as it seems, especially when it is men who are targeted.
Published on Wednesday 28 Nov 2018

Chemical Weapons and Social Control

Chemical weapons breach bodies. They can permeate and convert our outer skin in ways held with revulsion; they can disrupt our internal physiological functions, they can make our immediate environment unliveable, rendering the very air we breathe toxic. For many, the horrific nature of these effects is reason enough for the international prohibitions of the use of chemical weapons in warfare. However, despite the prohibitions agreed from the start of the twentieth century, forms of chemical weaponry have since appeared in a plethora of contexts across the world, continuing to do so to this day.
Published on Tuesday 20 Nov 2018

Why Medicine Needs Phenomenology

The primary aim of the Existential Medicine project is to challenge the detached and objectifying standpoint of mainstream medical science in an effort to deepen and broaden our understanding of health and illness and offer more sensitive and humane approaches to healthcare. In this article, editor Kevin Aho discusses the personal significance of the collection.
Published on Thursday 25 Oct 2018

Harmonious Dwelling in Heidegger’s Fourfold

In this extract from Heidegger's Gods: An Ecofeminist Perspective, author Susanne Claxton explores Heidegger’s description of the little farmhouse in the Black Forest from his essay "Building Dwelling Thinking". She explores importanct concepts at play as manifest in the dwelling of mortals; upon the earth, beneath the sky, and in communion with the divinities.
Published on Monday 08 Oct 2018

Commissioning Editor Vacancy

Rowman and Littlefield International is looking to appoint a Commissioning Editor to take on the challenge of growing their Continental Philosophy list.
Published on Friday 05 Oct 2018

Paid Internship at Rowman & Littlefield International

Rowman & Littlefield International is offering a paid editorial internship based at our office in Vauxhall, South London, for eight weeks, starting in end of October to mid-December 2018. This opportunity would best suit a recent graduate looking for experience in an academic publishing environment.
Published on Monday 10 Sep 2018