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The Moral Psychology of Pride

By J. Adam Carter, Emma C. Gordon

Part of the series Moral Psychology of the Emotions

Publication Date: Sep 2017

Pages 224

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Is it good to be proud? We sometimes happily speak of being proud of our achievements, ethnicities and identities, yet pride is also often described as the most serious of the seven deadly sins. This edited collection of original essays examines pride from a variety of perspectives in philosophy, psychology, sociology and anthropology. The volume seeks to explore such topics as the nature of pride, its connection to other human emotions, whether it is a virtue or vice (or both), and what role it might play in both our intellectual and moral lives. Containing diverse voices and viewpoints, this book aims to illuminate the various and complex dimensions of pride.
1. Introduction / 2. Beyond the Self: Pride Felt in Relation to Others, Lisa Williams / 3. Pride and Intellectual Humility, Duncan Pritchard and Jesper Kallestrup / 4. Intellectual Pride, Allan Hazlett / 5. Pride versus Self-Respect, Adam Morton / 6. Pride and Humility, Robert Roberts and Ryan West / 7. Pride, Achievement and Purpose, Antti Kauppinen / 8. Pride in Christian Philosophy and Theology, Kevin Timpe and Neal Tognazzi / 9. Whiteness and Pride, Samantha Vice / 10. The Practical Advantages of Pride and The Risks of Humility, Eva Dadlez / 11. Is Pride Ever Rationally Required?, Michael Brady / Bibliography / Index
Emma C. Gordon completed her PhD in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. She has published articles in Bioethics, Philosophical Psychology, Synthese, American Philosophical Quarterly, Journal of Applied Philosophy, Philosophia and Logos & Episteme.

J. Adam Carter is a Research Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. He is the author of Metaepistemology and Relativism (forthcoming) and has published articles in Noûs, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Analysis, Philosophical Studies and the Australasian Journal of Philosophy.

Contributors: Michael Brady, Professor of Philosophy, University of Glasgow, UK; Eva Dadlez, Professor of Humanities and Philosophy, Central Oklahoma University, USA; Allan Hazlett, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of New Mexico, USA; Jesper Kallestrup, Professor of Philosophy, University of Edinburgh, UK; Antti Kauppinen, Academy of Finland Research Fellow, University of Tampere, Finland; Adam Morton, Visiting Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of British Columbia, Canada; Duncan Pritchard, Professor of Philosophy, University of Edinburgh, UK; Robert Roberts, Distinguished Professor of Ethics, Baylor University, USA; Neal Tognazzi, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Western Washington University, USA; Kevin Timpe, Professor of Philosophy, Northwest Nazarene University, USA; Samantha Vice, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Rhodes University, South Africa; Ryan West, Graduate Student, Baylor University, USA; Lisa Williams, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of New South Wales, Australia